3rd Ward

The Sweet Cheat: Re-experiencing Memories in a Post-Apocalyptic New York 3rd Ward Magazine, New York A community of artists led by Jeff Stark—founder of the Nonsense List—presents a play in an abandoned warehouse. Sophie Harris braves the broken glass to find out why. “We apologize for the elevator situation,” says a man wearing a train Read more about 3rd Ward[…]

1,000 Songs to Change Your Life

“Like “1,000 Films”…and “1,000 Books” …, “1,000 Songs to Change Your Life”, the third book in the series, is a celebration of music’s transformative power: how it shocks and soothes, frightens and comforts, amuses and appalls, but above all how it moves us, perhaps when we least expect it. Over the course of more than Read more about 1,000 Songs to Change Your Life[…]