3rd Ward: Guerrilla theatre

The Sweet Cheat: Re-experiencing Memories in a Post-Apocalyptic New York 3rd Ward Magazine, New York A community of artists led by Jeff Stark—founder of the Nonsense List—presents a play in an abandoned warehouse. Sophie Harris braves the broken glass to find out why. “We apologize for the elevator situation,” says a man wearing a train Read more about 3rd Ward: Guerrilla theatre[…]

Time Out London: Street Life on Broadway

In the first of a new series that celebrates the world’s greatest streets, Sophie Harris hops, skips and struts down New York’s Broadway where she treads in the footsteps of James Brown, meets a rapper-turned pizza chef and, inevitably, develops a shoe fetish Broadway is basically the spine of New York, running naturally along the Read more about Time Out London: Street Life on Broadway[…]