Time Out New York, Feature The small MC with the big mouth sets the record straight. “I mean, I said I wanted to be a stripper seriously as a seven-year-old, but I didn’t know what a stripper was.…” Kreayshawn offers an incredulous whatever frown as she recounts a recent interview. Welcome to the world of Read more about Kreayshawn[…]


Time Out New York Interview The multimillion-selling party girl takes some time out to chat. Sure, Ke$ha might gets her kicks out of making necklaces from fans’ teeth and licking rock stars’ faces (the proof awaits below), but the hard-living pop star is no dummy. On a break from her European tour, the “Tik Tok” Read more about Ke$ha[…]


Time Out New York The Hot Seat The tiny, iconic popstrel dishes on her $25 million tour. Why did you decide to go for the ancient Greek look on this tour? It stemmed from the song “Aphrodite,” on my [new] album—there’s so much to play with visually, and of course we don’t go mildly or Read more about Kylie[…]